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Pharmaceutical process analytics uses analytical techniques to monitor and optimize different stages of drug development, manufacturing, and quality control.

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The global food industry uses process analytics to ensure that food products are safe, consistent, and meet regulatory requirements.



Process analytics plays an important role in agriculture and crop science by helping farmers and scientists to make data-driven decisions that improve crop yields, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impact.

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Welcome to Expo Process Analytics, the only company globally currently offering fully developed and supported process analytics solutions for pharmaceutical, food, agriculture & agri-chemicals. These include a broad range of application, from R&D, with our benchtop simulators through to inline process analytics that can integrate into full scale batch & continuous solids plant manufacturing.

Developers and Manufacturers involved in powder processing seek continuous improvement delivering technical systems and processes that maintain quality, while delivering greater efficiency & meeting time and profitability expectations of the business.

Expo Process Analytics offers solutions delivering improved measurement, control and management of manufacturing using real time analysis of processes and product. The Expo Process Analytics platform facilitates mid-course process corrections and indicates to production staff when adjustments are required to maintain throughput and quality of process output.

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Our real-time measurement platform creates opportunities for model predictive control of manufacturing processes and outputs.  It eliminates the inconsistency of end of process testing by replacing it with representative sampling and timely analysis during the manufacturing process.  Real-time dashboards are used to communicate process health to plant systems enabling quick adjustments to any parameter, temperature, pressure, feed rates or ingredient composition to minimize stoppages, maximize throughput and efficiency while maintaining quality.

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Expo Process Analytics provides a range of highly specified PAT devices from bench top tablet press simulators, to continuous manufacturing analysis of powder production as well as consulting to support PAT implementation across different industries. Ongoing maintenance and support for customers can be tailored to suit each system.

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