European Roadshow March 2023

At the end of March 2023, the dedicated team of Steve Hammond, Scientific Advisor and Vic Griffiths, VP Sales went out to meet with potential and existing valued customers across Europe. Driving from Spain via France and then on to Switzerland and Germany the team met with global pharmaceutical manufacturers and OEMs presenting the scientific evidence for the Feed Frame simulator and discussing existing design and certification requirement to meet customer needs for Spider Wheels and the TASO devices. Alanna Carty Commercial Director joined her team for a number of meetings in Switzerland and Germany.

Steve Hammond ex-Pfizer Global PAT Lead presented the scientific evidence of why the Feed Frame simulator should be in every R&D pharmaceutical and academic lab worldwide.

Expo Process Analytics developed the tablet press feed frame simulator specifically for pharmaceutical manufacturers to mimic tabletting production processes without requiring full scale commercial equipment to be utilized. The feed frame simulator can achieve unit dose equivalent testing in under 1 second.

Models can then be developed in the lab setting for NIR or other spectroscopic measurements using small amounts of API in a safe controlled environment away from the manufacturing setting.

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